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About Us

Italdevices Ltd. was founded in Nairobi (Kenya) in July 2011 by the current Italian founders. The mission of Italdevices Ltd. is not only related to business, but the goal of a progressive and constant technological development in the water sector in East Africa.

That is why we are able to supply products of excellent quality, with typically Italian or European warranty and spare parts at very competitive prices. This result translates into improved quality of life in the countries where we operate.

The strength of Italdevices Ltd. is closely tied to more than twenty year experience in distribution and water treatment of the Italian current owners.

Our company operates with the collaboration of local personnel appropriately trained and technically qualified. An important added value to our professional experience and is given by the availability of Italian Companies producing "Water Equipments" which we represent in Kenya.

Italdevices Ltd. offers its products and services to private people and municipal companies water distributor. Is important to know, that we can serve Restaurants, Resorts, Lodges and Residences.

The tourism industry, considering the climate, the sea, and the many national parks, plays a good part of the economy of Kenya.

Quality Certifications

Italdevices Ltd. works in close cooperation with many Italian companies whose production operates under quality control, with related certifications required for the construction of private and public works.

Some examples of certifcation

  • AIWA/AAE African Water Association.
  • IWA International Water Association.
  • IQNet ISO9001:2008.
African Water Association
African Water Association
African Water Association