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Water Equipments

Italdevices Ltd.

Italdevices Ltd. is a company with headquarters in Nairobi (Kenya). Our company operates throughout the national territory, and has customers from neighboring countries (East Africa).

Main activities

The main activity of our company is the import, distribution and marketing of devices and water equipment. Boreholes and wells pumps, surface pumps, engine pumps, filtration systems and water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, U.V. lamps for the sterilization of drinking water, water meters, chlorinators, polyethylene fittings, etc. Design of drinking water plants, wastewater treatment plants, recycling and use of sewage water, for irrigation.

Management of water treatment and training to local staff for the correct operation and maintenance of facilities.


Operative Sectors

  • Pumping and purifying water for private and public institutions.
  • Water treatment plants for food companies.
  • Plant maintenance water purifiers and water networks.
  • Plants for sewage treatment.
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